J & B Machine was formed in 1994 to provide engine rebuilding services in the oil and gas industry. The company quickly expanded to produce quality machined parts for a variety of clients and customers in a range of industries across Colorado’s Front Range. Steven Chavez joined the team in 2011 as a CNC machinist and was promoted to General Manager two years later. He acquired the firm when the company’s owner retired in 2015.

Since that time, Steven has built on this strong heritage and applied his experience working and managing the machine shop floor to diversify into new processes and capabilities. In 2016, the company invested in new software to better manage the shop floor and to institutionalize quality control. Additionally, Steven has sought to nurture a career-based culture for his growing team, offering training and development opportunities.

J & B Machine primarily works with mid-size to large Colorado Front Range manufacturing customers that serve regional or national markets. “It’s important to me to be able to have a face-to-face relationship with our customers,” Steven says. “That’s the best kind of environment in which to explore how we can develop a value-add, turnkey solution…where I can ask the right questions and provide the most helpful insights.”


J & B Machine has instituted a strict Buy American policy. From employee apparel to machinery and raw materials, the company buys from U.S. vendors and sources, avoiding the quality variability, IP vulnerability, and supply chain disruptions commonly faced by U.S. manufacturers that purchase from international sources. Additionally, as Steven points out, “We want to do our part to preserve U.S. manufacturing—it’s really the backbone of a strong national economy.”

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